11 Dogs Faking Their Way Through Hilariously Cheesy Stock Photos

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 18, 2015

We’ve all seen them. Those ridiculous stock photos used on websites the web over. Humans pose in awkward, forced positions with gestures frozen in mid-motion.

Well, dogs are a big part of the stock photo world, too. The more popular dogs become, the more likely they are to be sucked into the strange sets and shoots of stock photos.

Here are 11 dog who faked their way through some pretty corny stock photos.

1. “Wait, this doesn’t feel like pretending.”


2. “I should prolly tell her I have a girlfriend.” #ItsOnlyActing


3. “Someone halp! This lady’s not my real mom…”


4. “We’re up pretty early to act like we’re having a morning meeting, don’t ya think.”


5. “These books stink worse than my poo! Don’t bring them back to me until you’ve figured out these numbers.” #IHaveNoIdeaWhatImDoing #SoIYell


6. “Because this is how I really feel about the guy who sticks a thermometer in my butt!”

Vet examining dog

7. “Not only can I win your case, I can do it for less bones than that hooman lawyer across the street.”


8. “I see I fooled you into thinking I’m actually busy.”


9. “Only two more dog years till retirement.”


10. “I wish I was pretending to be sad, but I got left out of the funny email chain again.”


11. “I don’t really do construction. I just bark orders at people.”


Featured image via Level Ten

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

March 18, 2015