Brave Dog Stops Sexual Predator From Hurting A Teenage Girl

***Note: No images of the victim or the dog have been released. The dog pictured in this article has no relation to this story. We will update the article should that information become public.***

A brave dog in Missouri stopped a sexual assault earlier this month, when she bit the attacker several times.

Fifty-five year old Richie M. Dock, a registered sex offender, had been following a local teenager, who is younger than 14 according to the Southeast Missourian, around town, as well as threatening to assault her. On February 4, he attacked her.

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When the girl pushed Dock away, he threatened to beat her. Then he straddled her and exposed himself. The teenager called to her dog, who was nearby, for help. Her faithful pup came running and attacked Dock, biting him several times. The girl immediately escaped and called police.

Police are holding Dock on a $25,000 bond.

We are so glad that the dog was there to save the day! You’re a hero, pup!

h/t Southeastern Missourian.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago