Puppy Gets Stuck In Brick Wall In A Daring Escape Attempt, Lives To Tell The Tale

A Bullmastiff/Ridgeback mix from Lancashire, England found herself in hot water after some innocent chewing led to a sticky situation. The appropriately-named Scrunch did a little teething on a washing machine outlet, and somehow managed to get her head a brick wall. puppy-stuck-in-wall Maria Birtle came home to a flooded house, and her 8-month-old puppy immobilized. It took the local fire brigade about 15 minutes to free Scrunch, who sustained minor cuts and bruises, but mostly sheepish regret. scrunch-puppy-2D9587BF00000578-0-image-m-43_1445341458132
Featured image via Ross Parry
h/t Daily Mail

Claire Beaudreault

6 years ago

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