Someone Did Something Unimaginably Cruel To This Dog But Goodness Saved His Life

This is one of the most alarming cases of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot. Rescuers in Italy found a dog wandering the streets of Milan. They were horrified when they saw him – someone had pierced his chest with a huge carabiner.

carabiner dog 2

A carabiner is a hook with a spring-loaded gate used to secure all types of things. Large carabiners, like the one used on this dog, are used for industrial rope work or in climbing and acrobatics.

No one knows who did this to the dog. It’s also unclear whether or not this person abandoned the dog or if the pup escaped on his own. Whatever the case, we’re grateful he is out of harm’s way.

carabiner dog

Rescuers took the pup to a veterinarian. There, doctors removed the carabiner and tended to the dog’s wound. He is now safe and on his way to recovery. We hope he finds a loving forever home soon.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago