Dog Showers Rescuer With Kisses Moments After Losing Her Leg In Train Accident

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 31, 2016

Officer Kevin McMullen expected the worst when he received a call about a dog who was hit by a train. He was prepared for a devastating discovery. What he found instead was hope.

He found Molly.

miracle molly 2

She had lost one of her legs, part of her tail, and according to her rescuers, she’d also lost half of the blood in her system. Despite all of that, the moment Officer McMullen scooped the pup up into his arms, she gave him kisses.

Molly was taken to BARCS, the Baltimore Animal Rescue, Care, and Shelter. There, rescuers are giving her the best treatment available to care for her injuries.

miracle molly 3

Not only is Molly’s survival a miracle, so is her recovery. She was hit by a train only two weeks ago and she is already up, walking, and wagging her tail.

miracle molly 4

Molly is currently living with an experienced foster family who can properly tend to her care. It will be weeks before she is up for adoption – but she may already be spoken for.

miracle molly 5

According to BARCS’ Facebook page:

While Officer McMullen has been granted first-in-line for Molly’s adoption, he has other dogs and is committed to making sure it would be best for all. Molly has a lot more healing to do before we would begin introductions, so she will remain in foster for now–and you know, being a cele-pup-ty!

While ‘Miracle Molly McMullen’ is one of the most pawesome names we can imagine, it’s important that dogs find the home that’s right for them. We hope it’s with Officer McMullen, but no matter what happens or where Molly ends up, she and her savior will have a bond that will last a lifetime.

miracle molly

You can donate to BARCS’ rescue efforts via their website.

Feature image via BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook.

h/t Baltimore Sun.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

January 31, 2016

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