Dog Miraculously Survives After Owner Pays Hitman to Kill Him

Written by: Laura Hartle

May 1, 2014

In an act of unspeakable canine cruelty, a dog owner in Croatia paid a hitman £4 to get rid of their unwanted pet, Olly. But this pup is a fighter and somehow survived a shotgun blast and being thrown into an icy river.


Olly being rescued from the river. via The Daily Mail

Olly was spotted by some kind fishermen, who rescued him and rushed him to an animal shelter. One of the fishermen, Pawel Brodzky, reported a suspicious-looking hunter he saw downriver from the scene, and Olly’s would-be assassin is now facing jail time. His owner remains to be identified.


Olly, who has been renamed Lucky, is recovering nicely thanks to skilled veterinary surgeons. His incredible fighting spirit is an inspiration, and the hoomans who came together to save him deserve the highest of paws. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is adopted into a loving furever home.

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h/t to The Daily Mail

Written by: Laura Hartle

May 1, 2014