Stray Dog Gets Run Over By Train And Walks Away With Her Tail Still Wagging

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 15, 2015

**Update: November 14, 2015**

The survival of Lucky Penny, an adorable little Pittie mix, was miraculous in and of itself. All who heard her terrifying story rallied in support, but there was one thing left she needed to be the ultimate dog.

Richmond Animal Control had been a loving family to Penny for some time, but Director Christie Peters and other rescue workers found her an even better one.

lucky penny

John and Kim Bansu said they were “hooked” and had to bring Penny home the moment they saw her, and they couldn’t wait to introduce her to her grandkids and take her swimming. Peters said:

This does not happen, you don’t live getting hit by a train then when you live through it and are successful in the surgery then get such a loving home family, it’s such a blessing.

We can only hope all dogs will get this lucky. See the video below for the full story.

Featured Image (right) via WTVR

**Original Post**

Wonder-pup “Lucky Penny” certainly landed heads-up after being struck by a train and suffering some pretty traumatic injuries. Richmond Animal Control arrived on the scene after receiving word from a railroad worker, and acted quickly and efficiently to rush this poor girl to the vet.


Part of Lucky Penny’s rear leg and some of her tail were severed by the impact, though upon discovery she was reportedly still wagging away with what little was left.

She was treated for her injuries, shock, infection, and amazingly suffered no other internal injuries or breaks. She has since undergone surgery to amputate her leg and tail because they were so badly mangled.

lucky penny gif

If you’re wondering how on earth she survived the ordeal, some believe it is attributed to the wheels of the train hitting just right and simultaneously cauterizing the wounds. If there is any “luck” to the situation, I’d say that about covers it.

So far, Penny’s recovery has been smooth, and she seems to be getting around quite well despite the circumstances. In time, we hope she can learn to be a free-spirited pup with a family and a home to call her own.

If you’re interested in donating to Lucky Penny’s recovery fund, please visit the nonprofit Richmond Animal Welfare Foundation.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 15, 2015

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