Picturesque Friendship Between Golden Retriever And His Teddy Bear Takes Unexpected Turn

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 2, 2015

Photographer Gabi Stickler has been taking fabulous shots of her Golden Retriever, Mali, for years. Some of Gabi’s most adorable shots, however, tell a heart-warming tale of friendship between a Golden Retriever and his best bud, Teddy. As you might imagine, Teddy is in fact, a Teddy bear – nonetheless, this takes nothing away from their bond. Thus, today I ask you to gather round, BarkPosters, for I shall tell ye this tale of a friendship stronger than the seas. (Visit Gabi’s shop here!)

The Adventures of Mali and Teddy

Mali was a retriever so bright-eyed and golden

When one day her heart became quite beholden

To a little brown fella with curly brown hair

His name was Teddy and he was quite the bear


They frolic in the yard 

Also in the park

Mali holds Teddy close when she’s scared of the dark 


Teddy’s small build would come in quite handy

Especially when it came to break into the candy


There was just no predicting their various romps

Like when they went treasure hunting in the local swamps


Teddy would help Mali chase neighbors’ cats

And afterward they’d knit each other snow hats!


Though life’s day-to-day can come with its struggles

There ain’t nothing that cannot be fixed with a snuggle

This bond of friendship would not easily sever

“I wuv you Mali, let’s hang out forever!”


Then Mali was thirsty and needed a drink

Teddy got her favorite – water from the sink!


Hold on, there’s a camera lens in there

What have you been drinking, you silly old bear?


“Never you mind” said Teddy with a smile rather funny

“This bear needs more than salmon and honey.”


Their adventures did not slow, as Milo might have thunk 

For Teddy was a highly functioning drunk


They spent all winter long playing in the snow

They built snowmen to play and snowballs to throw


And then with the sudden change of the season

They became best friends with Wall-E for some reason


“Try my fresh coffee beans, I’ve got a whole case

I imported them here directly from space.”


“Or perhaps, if you’re sick of this rhymin’

We could take a day off and go mountain climbin'”


Wall-E made a fine addition to their team 

Space had taught him to live life to the exXtreme


“Let’s stare at the stars – don’t they all look so close?”

Say, when did Wall-E become so verbose?


Then Teddy asked for some Mali time alone 

They liked Wall-E, but it was time he phoned home

Teddy said “Alas I must travel to see the world wide

I’m not in debt to the mob, I’m not trying to hide”


But fear not, sweet Mali – we shall meet soon again

For there’s nothing in this world better than a good friend.


P.S – Teddy returned the next day in a candy jar.


All photos via Gabi Stickler.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 2, 2015