Dog Throws Tantrum At Groomer, Must Suffer The Consequences

Barley the puppy had a total tantrum at the groomer. Can you believe this sweet guy would throw a tantrum?! barley He was such a naughty little pup that the groomer didn't quite get to finish, leaving half of Barley's fur uncut. His new hairdo is original... to say the least.  A-Puppys-Epic-Tantrum-Leaves-Him-With-An-Unusual-Haircut-573c5a2ae9ea4__880 To document the occasion, Barley's owner drew an adorable animated comic. tantrum-573c4c8d3c7b1__880 Listen, Barley, we totally get it. We dreaded bath time when we were little pups ourselves. Lucky for Barley he's still a handsome boy half-done-up. barley 2 You can follow Barley's human on Instagram and Tumblr.
h/t via BoredPanda.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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