Dog Throws Tantrum At Groomer, Must Suffer The Consequences

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 20, 2016

Barley the puppy had a total tantrum at the groomer. Can you believe this sweet guy would throw a tantrum?!


He was such a naughty little pup that the groomer didn’t quite get to finish, leaving half of Barley’s fur uncut. His new hairdo is original… to say the least. 


To document the occasion, Barley’s owner drew an adorable animated comic.


Listen, Barley, we totally get it. We dreaded bath time when we were little pups ourselves. Lucky for Barley he’s still a handsome boy half-done-up.

barley 2

You can follow Barley’s human on Instagram and Tumblr.

h/t via BoredPanda.


Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 20, 2016