19 Dog-Themed Tote Bags To Give (Or Keep) This Holiday Season

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 7, 2015

Although it’s certainly not the most important aspect of the season, shopping does take up a good part of our December. Once all the groceries and gifts have been gathered, you still have to transport your goodies here, there, and everywhere! A few sturdy, spacious tote bags could certainly come in handy – especially if they’re decked out in adorable dog designs! Here are 19 tote bags perfect for gifting to the mobile hoarders on your list, or keeping all for yourself!

1. Dachshund Art Tote$27.00

Doxie pawrents take their puppy ruv very seriously. They may not be able to squish their entire sausage into this tote (hehe), but they can carry their Dachshunds’ treats, toys, and endless wardrobe changes.doxie tote

2. Rock n’ Roll Lab Tote$25.00

“Just a small town dog…” Lovers of Labradors and classic rock will go gaga for this witty bag!

golden retriever tote bag dog

3. Good For The Soul Tote$20.00

A great gift for the Zen dog mama on your list, or anyone who could use a reminder of what a dog’s love truly means to us hoomans.



4. Wisdom By Winston Tote$14.99

Hipsters will delight in this simple cotton bag featuring a derpy, bespectacled pug. Adorbs.

winston modcloth dog bag tote

5. Tote Bag DIY Craft By Martha StewartPrice Varies

For the crafty dog lover! Use a photo of your loved one’s dog to create this cool silhouette design. Personal gifts you take the time to make yourself are always a huge hit with the fam!

martha steward silhouette dog tote

6. Ponyo The Chihuahua Tote$25.00

Chihuahua moms know exactly what it’s like to tote around a dog on their hip or shoulder, so this bag will be a convenient change.

Ponyo chihuhua tote bag

7. Pug Love Tote£12.00

Inked up pawrents will fall in instant Pug Love with this tough but tender tote.


8. Pet The Dogs Tote$16.00

Isn’t this what we all really want from Santa?

barkshop bag all the dogs tote

9. Frenchie’s Gone City Tote, $11.72

Perfect for city gals on the go. This bag is over-sized with extra long straps to easily swing over a shoulder on the commute to work.


10. DIY Personalized Photo TotePrice Varies

Another DIY project from Queen Martha. Check all the dog lovers off your list — this tote will make them all happy!

martha stewart dog tote

11. Giant Dog Head Shoulder Bag$38.90

This bag is 360 degrees of pure 3D Pomeranian. Available in other breeds, too!

pomeranian tote bag

12. Dogs Of NYC Bag, $16.95

Each little pup portrait has a hand-painted feel. Big Apple pawrents will love this diverse tote from their own melting pot city.

Dog-bag strand

13. Crab & Cleek Camo Dog Tote, $32.90

Preppy and understated, this tote is great for grabbing last minute staples at the market, or as a last minute gift for that hard to please aunt.


14. Crazy Dog Lady Tote$16.00

Perfect for the openly crazy dog lady on your list. Some of us are just more willing to own our pup obsession than others.

fidel crazy dog lady tote bag barkshop

15. Yellow Lab Tote, $150.00+

Sea Bags of Maine makes all their nautically inspired products from recycled boat sails. Labrador pawrents with a love for the sea will get a double kick out of this Earth conscious upcycled gift. Also available in Black Lab!


16. Painterly Portrait Tote$19.00

You can customized these with all of your loved ones’ dog breeds and names! Shopping list conquered in one fell swoop!

pottery barn dog tote bags

17. Snapshot Tote, $22.50+

A cute and colorful bag with your choice of traditional tote or an upgraded version with pockets. Each picture features a pup with a delicious human treat. Foodie dog pawrents will eat this tote up!


18. Boston Terrier Tote, $30+

Whether you’re shopping for a Bean Town pawrent or not, this tote is undeniably adorable. Two Boston Terriers with a little chevron heart are hand sewn on each side of the bag. Any pup lover would be proud to sling this over their shoulder!


19. In Dog We Trust Tote, $22.00

This sturdy, over-sized bag will become every pawrent’s constant companion. Hey, they can even fit the pup in there, too!



Featured image via Martha Stewart

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Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 7, 2015

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