13 DIY Dog Travel Accessories To Make Your Next Outing Effortless

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 18, 2015

Going on a trip? Plan on taking along the pups? Of course you are. Check out these awesome DIY projects for easy and practical ways to travel with your fuzz butt.

1. Silhouette Tote

Craft Queen Martha Stewart teaches us how to create a custom silhouette travel tote.

dog tote

2. Upcycled Tote

Transform an old tote bag into a cute travel carrier for your pup!

diy dog carrier bag

3. Doggy Bjorn

This DIY baby carrier, à la The Hangover, is just what your pup needs.

dog bjorn carrier DIY pattern

4. Travel Treat Bag

Create your own bag to store treats on the go!

travel treat bag DIY

5. Doggy Stroller

Bag too heavy? How about a dog stroller? Push your pup with pride!

6. Dog Bike Carrier

Going on a bike tour? Take your pup with you in this easy DIY bike basket.

dog bike carrier


7. Dog Sling

This hands-free sling is great for carrying your pooch around town or across the globe!

8. Fabric Basket

This bag is great for storing leashes and collars while traveling.

fabric bag dog

9. Knitted Backpack

This adorable backpack has enough space to fit your pup’s favorite toys.

dog knitted backpack DIY

10. Doggy Wallet

This extra pocket is great for storing plastic baggies, keys or cash while traveling.

DIY dog wallet

11. Recycled Tote

Don’t throw away your dog food bags! Turn them into this cool travel tote instead.

dog food bag doggie tote

12. Start from scratch

Head on over to your local fabric store and pick out your favorite material. Dust off the sewing machine and get stitchin! Both of these patterns create pawesome travel bags.


diy dog bag

13. DIY Doggy Travel Backpack

If your pup is too big to fit in a bag, do a 180 and put the bag on them!

dog backpack DIY

14. Vacation Puppy Packing List

For an extended trip, make sure to pack the essentials…

Crate (optional)
Leash & collar
Water and portable water dish
Waste bags (can never have too many!)
Enough food for the whole trip
A few of their favorite toys
A towel for cleaning
Blankets or comfy bed
Copy of vaccination papers
Doggy medical kit – make your own!
Travel containers of shampoo and accident cleaner

Happy t(r)ails!

Featured Image via SuperSamTheJack

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 18, 2015

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