John Travolta’s Doggelganger Is Now Famous, But No One Wants To Adopt Him

You've probably seen this photo that's made the rounds lately of a dog who bears a striking (and hilarious) resemblance to John Travolta: [caption id="attachment_33074" align="aligncenter" width="640"]via The Dodo via The Dodo[/caption] Boof, aka Dog Travolta, is currently up for adoption at SA Dog Rescue in South Australia. The Internet-famous American Bulldog's photo has been shared and seen by many, but he still hasn't found his furever home. Maybe because everyone's still too busy making Pup Fiction jokes and Photoshop masterpieces: [caption id="attachment_33069" align="aligncenter" width="640"]via reddit user commander_seamonkey via reddit user commander_seamonkey[/caption] SA Dog Rescue responded to the dog's newfound celebrity status on their FB page: "We have enjoyed the positive and humourous light in which darling Boof has been shared worldwide! We are also suprised with all this attention humble Boof has not yet received an application to adopt him into a home of his very own! We ask that everyone share [his] story so that we can let everyone know that Boof is patiently waiting for his perfect match." We hope Boof finds his new home soon! <3 Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related article: 26 Of The Most Influential And Inspiring Internet Dogs Of Our Time. Does your dog get more likes than you do? We’d love for you to join our BarkPack. BarkPack is for pups with an engaged social media presence interested in getting paid to spoil your dog. Head to to sign up!  
Featured Image via The Dodo h/t The Dodo

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago

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