You With Your Dog vs. You With Your Significant Other

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 22, 2016

Guys, it’s time to come clean. Everyone knows it, so we may as well just say it. Right? Right?! Yes, we love and adore our human soulmates, but somehow that love doesn’t even come close to the love we have for our dogs.

Like just this morning I spent 15 minutes saying goodbye to my dog and about 15 seconds saying goodbye to my boyfriend. It happens. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Here are 8 other crucial differences in your relationship with your dog versus your relationship with your partner. (We apawlogize in advance if your partner sends you this post and is like, “Look! You do all these things to me.”)

1. When your dog farts vs. When your partner farts.

2. Sharing food with your dog vs. Sharing food with your S.O.

3. Saying, “I love you” to your dog vs. Saying “I love you” to your human.

4. Introducing people to your dog vs. Introducing people to your partner.

5. When your dog needs to go the bathroom vs. When your partner needs to go.

6. Pictures of your dog vs. Pictures of your S.O. on your phone.

7. When your dog has a nose booger vs. When your person has a nose booger.

8. Cuddling with your dog vs. Cuddling with your S.O.

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

March 22, 2016