Excited Dog Mistakenly Thinks He’s Going For A Walk, Has Priceless Reaction When He Doesn’t

This is what's running through your dog's head every time you stand up and look like you might be going for a walk: "Wow, a walk! Yes! I want nothing more! We're going to go to the park and chase all the birds and squirrels and children and have the time of our lives! Oh, yes! TO BE ALIVE! WHAT A WONDER! THIS WALK IS MY DESTINY!!!"
And this is what they're thinking when you walk right pass the leash and head to your room instead: "Wait...what? We're...what? WE'RE NOT GOING? How...? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!"
This dog just learned that life is full of disappointments.

h/t @jericho.the.doggo

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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