This Dog Walker’s Pack Photos Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your #SquadGoals

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 31, 2016

In Northern California there lives an ambitious and totally radical dog walker named Chris Isles. Chris, owner of WalkPro Leashes and Christopher’s Critter Care has life figured out in a way we can only imagine.

Chris sees every dog walk as an opportunity to show the world the true beauty of hanging with your squad. His pack, filled with fluffy doodles, handsome German Shepherds, and feisty Labs, prance around town looking good, feeling even better, and posing pretty.


Here they are turning this front door into THE place to be.


This squad of BFFs stick together on mini couches like it’s NBD.


They line it up for the perfect group shot you tried but failed to get with your human friends before prom.


They’re basically models and a walking advertisement for any outdoor nature walk they bless with their presence.


And if you ever need ten friendly faces to tell you YES, you deserve another treat — as long as you’re sharing — this is your squad for life.


They’re also a realtor’s dream if you’re looking for the perfect photo to sell a property.


And they see any stairwell as an opportunity to crush the “Blue Steel” look.


Yes, this seat is absolutely taken, but they might make room for you if you have the right kind of currency. *Hint – it starts with beef and ends with jerky.


So if you think you’re ready for a fresh and furry squad that’s all about that outdoor life and never misses a photo op, say hello to the WalkPro crew.

For more amazing photos, check out WalkPro’s Facebook Page!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 31, 2016