Dog Walks Nearly 200 Miles To Reunite With The Woman Who Saved Her Life

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 30, 2015

Shavi was stray dog living on the streets of Russia when someone hit her with their car and left her to die on the side of the road. Both of her legs were broken and the temperature outside was freezing.

Thankfully, she was spotted by someone who took her to a veterinarian and launched an online campaign to find someone to care for the pup.

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That person was Nina Baranovskaya, who took in Shavi after doctors performed surgery on her back legs. Nursing the dog back to health was a long process. Shavi had to learn to walk again and due to the psychological trauma of the accident, she became incontinent. The pup was also terrified of strangers and cars. Nina helped her overcome all of those things.

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After Shavi recuperated, she went to live with a family nearly 200 miles away from Nina. After only a few days, the dog ran away. Her new owners were panic stricken.

Two weeks later, Nina was out walking when she felt something touch her leg. She looked down and saw Shavi! The pup traveled hundreds of miles to find the woman who saved her.

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Everyone agrees that Nina and Shavi belong together. Nina is looking for a larger apartment to accommodate her new best friend. Soon, the two will be inseparable. We’re so happy these two found each other and even happier that they get to stay together furever.

Feature image and h/t via Daily Mail.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 30, 2015