Loving Dog Becomes Mom To Adorable Orphaned Baby Wallaby

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 4, 2015

Little Willoughby the Wallaby was orphaned by her marsupial mama when she decided not to keep him.

The Allen family found the abandoned furball and began to care for her. The hoomans pamper him, handing feed him carrots, apples and milk.


(Yes, Willoughby’s a girl. Naming girls ‘Willoughby’ is the new trend with the cool mom set.)

While the humans help Willoughby live the high life, the true nurturing she receives is courtesy of the family’s Lab mix named Poppy.

Mandy Allen tells the New York Post:

“Being with Poppy is contact for Willoughby. Following around another animal is a bit more natural for her than being with us really. It gives her warmth and comfort. Like being in her mother’s pouch.”

The feeling is mutual. Poppy couldn’t be happier with her surrogate “pup!”

Featured image and h/t via New York Post.

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 4, 2015