4 Stunning Weight Loss Transformations That Remind You Anything Is Possible

Some dogs struggle with their weight just like humans do. Usually, this is the result of uninformed pawrents who show their love with food - lots and lots of food. Sometimes this can get out of control with pups weighing in at twice their breed's healthy weight. Thankfully, there are lots of good samaritans out there who step in and whip these dogs back into shape! Here are 4 of our favorite weight loss transformation stories: 1. Obie the Doxie In 2013, Obie weighed in at a hefty 77 pounds. Thanks to his new owner Nora Vanatta, who has a degree in animal science and is a certified veterinary technician, Obie is down to a slim 22 pounds! You can check out his story at Obie Dog Journey. obie transformation 2. Kale Chips the Beagle Kale Chips started off 2015 with a major resolution, to shed the majority of his 85 pounds. The amazing folks at One Tail At A Time have gotten this plump beagle down to 63 pounds! Even though he still has more weight to lose, Kale Chips is ready to find his forever home! If you think you can welcome him into your family and help him continue his weight loss journey, contact [email protected] kale chips transformation 3. Cody the Shiba Inu. When Kim Linde found Cody, he was a rotund 104 pounds. That's well over half the weight of a healthy Shiba. As of April 6, Cody was down to 51 pounds! What a tremendous transformation! You can follow his journey on Facebook. cody transformation 4. King Charles the Spaniel Coming in at nearly 38 pounds, King Charles was a quite the chubbers for a Spaniel. An average Spaniel should weigh between 22-28 pounds. An extra 10 pounds might not sound like a lot, but for this little pup's body it was overwhelming. His owner cut back drastically on treats and other munchies. Now King Charles weighs 24 pounds! king charles transformation High paws to all for their success!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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