17 Dog Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Hatred Of Winter

Ahh, winter. The only time of year when simple tasks (getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom) become unbearable. Fortunately, these dogs know exactly how we feel. 1. This is us every day, even when it's not cold. winter-dog-memes-1 2. As if waking up wasn't hard enough, now you have icicles stabbing you in the eyes. dogs-winter-memes-7 3. To pee or not to pee, that is the question. dog-winter-memes-20 4. Your blankets go wherever you go. Even dogs know that. winter-dog-memes-23 5. When you thought you couldn’t get any colder…until you stepped out of the shower. dog-winter-memes-14 6. In the winter, looking “cute” takes a backseat to staying warm. Time to pull out that ugly camo sweater/poncho! dog-winter-memes-2 7. When it’s so cold you have to turn your leg warmers into doggy sweaters. dog-winter-memes-5     8. This dog’s winter gear is on level “Expert.” dog-winter-memes-17 9. It’s like Mother Nature smacking you in the face with the back of her glove. dog-winter-memes-21 10. If it were possible to “swipe left” on weather, this is what it would look like. dog-winter-memes-9 11. Fluffy McWoofingston is *not* here for this winter wonderland either. dog-winter-memes-6 12. Dogs all over the world are wondering when “dog toilets” will become a thing. dog-winter-memes-16 13. The world being pummeled with soft ice *is* kind of scary when you think about it. dog-winter-memes-10 14. But of course, smart people know to just stay inside during the winter. dog-winter-memes-19 15. And by “inside,” we mean never leaving the house — ever. dog-winter-memes-15 16. What every dog owner does during the winter. dog-winter-memes-7 17. Wake us when the planet returns to normal, please. K, thanks. dog-winter-memes-resized  

Feature image via @daysofourpanda

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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