UPDATE: Severely Neglected Dog With A Rubber Band Over His Mouth Is Left To Fend For Himself

Written by: Regina Lizik

November 4, 2015


The Harris County District Attorney’s Office released a statement on the case and, unfortunately, it is not what we hoped would happen:

UPDATE — The District Attorney's Office would like to thank all of the individuals that have taken time to report this…

Posted by The Harris County District Attorney's Office on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Despite this news, we will continue to follow this case and update as necessary.

**Original story**

A dog in Harris County Texas is in desperate need of help. He is severely neglected. His owners never walk him or pay any attention to him. He is left to fend for himself on the balcony of an apartment.

Neighbors were alerted to the pup’s plight when one of them noticed urine and feces dripping down from an above balcony onto his balcony. He wrote an angry Facebook post to alert the dog’s owner.

negelected dog balcony 2

It read:

You’ve left him on that wood-plank floored porch for the past three days! And the dog’s piss and everything else is dripping down on my head when I’m sitting on my patio.

The owner responded by putting a diaper on the dog. Then, in a truly horrific move, he put a rubber band around the dog’s mouth to muffle his cries for help.

Fellow residents began taking photos of the poor pup, in an attempt to raise awareness. What they didn’t know was that animal control had already received 14 different complaints about the way the owner was treating his dog. Nothing has been done to save this dog. In fact, police officers have minimized the person’s responsibility.

neglected dog on balcony 1

One officer is quoted as saying:

It’s not even his dog. He’s taking care of it for someone else.

The officer also said that the man had no idea how to care for a dog, but now that he does, he will make better choices.

According to residents, however, there have been no changes in the dog’s living conditions. There is currently a petition to force animal control to step in and help this pup. We hope it works and that this precious dog gets the care and love that he deserves.

Feature image via Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

h/t Life with Dogs.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

November 4, 2015

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