Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Site Of Horrific Car Accident That Took His Owner’s Life

Police in Jacksonville, Florida found Kelly Black, 42, dead in the middle of the road this week. A tractor-trailer hit her, dragging her body into the road. Police believe the driver had no idea he had hit Kelly. Kelly was walking her dog at the time of the accident. Her dog, Paco, was physically unharmed, but emotionally, his heart was broken. He refused to leave the scene of the accident. A local reporter described the scene:
He stayed at the crash site for hours - even after his owner's body was removed. It must have made him feel close to her. dog stays by owners side When Kelly's family arrived, Paco was overjoyed to see humans he loved.
No doubt, he and Kelly's family will need each other to help them recover from this horrible tragedy.
Feature image and h/t Action News Jax.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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