This Dream Dog House Costs $31K And You Will Want To Hang Out In It

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

March 10, 2015

Being in the doghouse has a new connotation thanks to Samsung’s unbelievable doggie dream house. The luxurious kennel has everything from a hot tub to a media room that will get any pup’s paw of approval and score you some major bragging rights!

house 5Samsung created the doggie dream house in alignment with their sponsorship for Crufts 2015 – the world’s largest dog show. The kennel was displayed at the event and is estimated to cost 31K! While it isn’t actually for sale, the dog cave was up for grabs as the grand prize of a social media contest.

house 4Some of the kennel’s comforts include a hot tub, treadmill, automated feeding bowl, and even a push-to-woof button to grab owner’s attention without ever leaving the kennel!

house 7The doggie den also has a plush media room equipped with ‘dog-proof’ leather buttons, luxurious bone pillows and a wall-mounted Samsung Galaxy Tab allowing dogs to watch TV from bed or interact with owners through a video link.

house 6It took 12 architects and fabricators six weeks to create the pricey kennel. In order to make the best of the best, Samsung surveyed 1,500 people to find out what they think their pet would benefit from.

house 7The survey found most pet owners believed their dogs would benefit from a spa, self-feeder, and treadmill amongst others amenities. The survey also showed nearly 40% of owners have left the television on for their pets and another quarter have used television to block out frightening sounds such as fireworks for their pups. Some owners also admitted to video calling their dogs while away. The results highly influenced which pawsome features would be included in the doggie dream house.

house 2Check out the full tour of the tail wagging home below!

H/t Daily Mail


Reviewed by Melina Giakas

March 10, 2015