Newest Adorable Trend: Dogs Announcing Their Hooman’s Pregnancies!

What better way to let the world know you're expecting than to have your fur baby do the announcing? Check out these pawsitively adorable pictures of pups preparing for their hooman brothers and sisters below: Totally ready to teach his hooman the art of getting away with everything!

Big Brother2

Image Source: My Cousin!

This pup is ready to be a protective big brother!

Baby Guard Dog

Image Source

These two are totally ready for a little sister to boss around!

Little Sister

Image Source

Breaking: mama's eggo is preggo!

Mom's Preggo

Image Source

This pooch wants everyone to know he's doing his share of research for the new hooman!

What To Expect

Image Source

What good are siblings without a little bit of rivalry?

Hooman Baby Rivalry

Image Source

From weddings to baby announcements, it's nice to see our furry derps becoming an even more integral part of the family!

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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