16 Functions Your Dog Has Other Than Being Your BFF

Dogs. They're good for so many things. Heck, they're your pet, BFF, therapist, family member, and more.... all wrapped up in one unbelievably adorable package. I can barely talk and walk a straight line at the same time, but my dog can simultaneously function as an animal, cuddle buddy, and Kleenex while I watch Titanic -- all without batting an eye. Impressive. When you get a dog, yes, you get a lifelong companion. But there are so many added bonuses. Here are just a few ways your pup partner functions as so much more than just a pet. cuddles 1. Box of tissues to wipe your eyes. The Kleenex will eventually run out.... but your dog's neverending love will not. Just be careful not to get hair in your eyes. Car-Companion 2. Car Companion Ughhh driving can be so boring. Add your dog for instant fun! They won't judge your taste in music and they'll never be a backseat driver. Alarm Clock 3. Alarm Clock Who needs to an iPhone to wake up in the morning when a wet nose can easily do the job? footrest 4. Footrest What's furry and keeps your feet warm? Yep, you guessed it. #woof begging 5. Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning is the worsttttt. I bet I know someone with four legs who would be happy to help with the chores. Specifically around breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime. dishwasher 6. Dish Washer Speaking of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.... don't you just hate cleaning dishes? An eager dog tongue is perfect for speeding up the process. netflix 7. Excuse To Stay Home All day long you've been looking forward to going home and taking your pants off. And maybe chowing down on a bowl of cereal while watching Friends. Unfortunately, you just got a text from your real-life friends trying to convince you to go to happy hour. Don't fret! Your dog is at home and needs to be let out.... and probably snuggled.... and voila! your plans to go home and chill pantless are back on. Therapist 8. Therapist Sometimes you just need to talk out your problems... without anyone's input. Your dog will listen and will not judge. Sure, you can go to a therapist. But a payment of head scratches is much cheaper. Pillow 9. Pillow So warm. So comforting. So comfy. skateboard 10. Transportation Car broke down? Snap a leash on your dog and hop on your skateboard to get where you need to go in no time. Extra bonus, it's eco friendly! cuddles 11. Heating Pad For Period Cramps Cramps suck. But cuddly puppies don't. Show that monthly monster who's boss and defeat those cramps with canine care. babysitter 12. Babysitter Your dog might not be able to change diapers, but he can be excellent help when it comes to helping your rugrat finish their food -- and provide ample entertainment in the process! newborn 13. Excuse To Not Have a Baby Maybe you're sick of being asked when you're going to have a baby. Fix that problem by getting a puppy instead. You can even have an adorable newborn photo shoot like this couple did. Total-Chick-Magnet-Pit-Bull-Dog 14. Wingman How many times have you "oohed" and "aahed" over a cute puppy someone was walking and immediately asked the owner if you could pet the precious angel? Yeah, dogs are the perfect wingmen. Grab your leash and head over to the local dog park to meet some like-minded cuties. Fitness 15. Fitness Motivation It's not like you would be going on multiple walks or getting hardcore arm workouts via throwing a ball if it wasn't for the pooch in your life. Specialized dog workout plans also include the Chase Me cardio routine, Pull On This Rope strength training, and Pet Me Until I Fall Asleep meditation. Security 16. Security Dog: "EVERYONE WAKE UP SOMEONE IS AT THE DOOR AND THEY'RE PROBABLY REALLY SCARY!!!!" You: It's just the cat......
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Dr. Katy Nelson

5 years ago

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