13 Dogs Absolutely Rocking Their Autumn Style

Fall is here, which means only one thing: sweater weather. These fashion-forward pooches are all ready for the changing leaves and windy weather. Steal their style tips to give your dog the ultimate fall fashion makeover. 1. Turtleneck? More like flufferneck. kokoro sweaterweather 2. The air tastes of crisp autumn freshness while this sweater tastes like... cashmere. Definitely cashmere. aristotleknight 3. Infinity scarves are an absolute necessity if you even want to be put on the fashion map during the fall. skylarthedog_ 4. Got to make sure your hoodie matches your collar. tanner_and_co 5. This pup puts the spice in pug-kin spiced latte. homerpugalicious 6. All plaid everything. ps.ny 6. It's not embarrassing to accidentally match if the outfit is as cute as this. piggyandpolly 7. Fall is definitely time to bust out the long sleeves. sebastianlovesluna 8. Plaid blankets are essential for keeping warm while having fun outdoors. Especially if you're on Instagram. lifewithleroy 9. Not basic at all. Nope, just one, well-dressed pup. Ladies, he's single. ifitwags 10. This pup has got the plaid thing down AND the sweater thing down. Now he's just got to find a size that fits his awkwardly long Corgi body... barnabyernest 11. Striped pattern on fleek. tarasutherland 12. Activewear can be trendy too. Just think about all those pups that wear yoga pants all day. littlejen888 13. Nothing more cozy than an over-sized cable-knit sweater on a chilly fall day. novathecav

Featured image via @sebastianlovesluna

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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