19 Dogs That Should Fire Their Hairdressers Pronto!

*Note: These are DEFINITELY unfortunate haircuts, and BarkPost wants to remind pup parents to always consult your vet before giving your dog a trim! Every breed is different and not all haircuts are created equal!* Sure, a bad haircut will grow out. But the mild embarrassment you have to deal with while you wait, is quite literally #TheWorst. And these pups can relate to that icky feeling. 1. "I asked to have them take off a little in the back..." #FAIL article-2551494-1B2FE9F200000578-170_634x454 2. "When you ask for the latest 'evil' look..." b5e4e0bc5d2f2ab6c239462a750c4e47 3. "Went in for a low-frizz cut, came out looking like PILLOW FLUFF. WTF?!" ff170b821aa3d998ac1b941089742d3a 4. "As long as I look punk, I don't care what I look like." (#JK I do care) 888f7d3efbda9bd8bcc3179e9d72c0eb 5. "I asked for a new pair of FABRIC overalls, human!" article-2551494-1B2FE9E600000578-412_634x844 6. "I swear I left my fur hangin' on the coat hanger..." 85603b812711b64d2b0cd6699d6e7b0c 7. "Excuse me, have you seen a Tin Man or a Scarecrow around here?" article-2551494-1B2FE9E200000578-282_634x381 8. "I asked for a more grown up look..." bcf14fefbc673dfad83ac97c547933b4 9. "When I went in to the groomer I looked like a dog. How come I came out looking like a hamster?!" 090114_1443_KorkunveKom3 10. "I thought I could pull off Paul McCartney's mullet look. Oooh boy." Dogs-Can-Have-Bangs-too 11. "One trip to a nude beach and now my mom and dad expect me to conform to their new 'lifestyle.'" d9a460c136db0d4d017663abd50b7a4f 12. "Most people don't know that lions actually get groomed to look like badass Goldies." 6f676f81db2a59b64cc9cd80a5884ac4 13. "Do NOT go to my stylist. I asked for the 'Mufasa' look and got the 'Hyena' cut." This-Dog-Looks-Like-A-lion 14. "I HATE looking like a bird." dog18-620x1 15. "Yep. I'm Dognald Trump. I don't know how to feel." 78d5114adc58f856f77c5b32e82ac8b1_650x 16. "Jurassic Park isn't still trendy? Drats!" 3219 17. "I wanna rock this style all night... and pawty everyday." 57e7a51737beaf224e6819002798f606_650x 18. "Flower disguise so I can camouflage myself in the flower fields." 7784f36480fa0f48042cd1a12091cf75 (1) 19. "Hot diggity SNOOP dog." Worst-Dog-Haircuts
H/t Brandon Rhoads

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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