This Dog Was Set On Fire And Left For Dead, So We Gave Her The Best Day Of Her Life

It's no secret that we at Bark & Co think dogs are the greatest and deserve to be celebrated, but when we came across the incredible story of Susie and her mom, Donna, we knew we had another mission. We wanted to create an opportunity for deserving dogs to have a day where their dreams come true. Thus, Dog's Best Day was born! [caption id="attachment_32581" align="alignnone" width="600"]Image via Susie's Hope Image via Susie's Hope[/caption] As a puppy, Susie suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of her first owner. Meanwhile, her future mom, Donna, went through her own struggle. But fate brought the two together, and Susie and Donna helped each other heal. Since they found one another, they’ve gone on to do great things: from winning harsher sentencing of convicted animal abusers (Susie’s Law), to Susie’s work as a canine therapy dog for other burn victims, to educating the public through their nonprofit, Susie’s Hope. With help from our pup-ruvin' pals, we were able to treat Susie and her mom to a truly special day in New York City: A HUGE thanks to Shake Shack for the steady stream of New York City's best burgers (Susie's favorite!), Uber for unfailing service in helping Susie run around town, Kimpton Hotels for beautiful, pup-friendly accommodations, and Bliss Spa for treating Donna to some rest and relaxation. We couldn't have spoiled our guest of pawnor without ya! Help us find our next Dog's Best Day honoree. Email [email protected] with your deserving pup's story. Want to learn more about the incredible work Susie and Donna are doing? Check out to learn more about their nonprofit, educational work, and the new movie adaptation of their inspirational story!
Featured Image via Susie's Hope

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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