25 Dogs That Are Better Than Your Childhood Teddy Bear

As kids, many of us had that one stuffed bear that will always hold a special place in our hearts. You remember, don't you? Being tucked in with it at night, lugging your special friend with you anywhere and everywhere... big_thumb_d7eb3d34e2e3d37bb388a03073bcbde5 Then we all grew up and got dogs, who make better companions in each and every way. Not even the most special teddy could compare to these beautiful pups: 1. Like this Husky pup who fits so easily in the palm of one hand.  snezhnyiy_angel_peterbyrga 2. Or this adorkable, smooshy-faced pup. bearcoat_tonkey 3. You can take your dog with you on any car ride, just like old times with your teddy bear pal.  chubby-puppies-bear-cub-look-alikes-2__605 4. And the fluff level of a real dog puts your teddy bear to shame, so you won't be lacking any softness to squeeze. A dog might just hug you right back. Would a teddy bear do that?  wesley_doodle 5. You can even take your pup shopping with you. Guaranteed to garner more aww's than a lifeless stuffed bear.  adventures_of_boom 6. A teddy bear can't take a nice stroll with you outside, now can it?  puppynamedcharlie 7. Little girls around the world can rejoice - you can still play dress up with your pup! (Treats for bribing sold separately)  louistheodoredouglas 8. This pup is better than your childhood teddy bear AND that silly plush lion. And probably the rest of your stuffed animal collection for that matter.  luna_tsunami 9. Just like those giant teddy bears you can get at Costco -- but ten times cuter! And you can take them on picnics without being judged. No offense to any teddy bear picnic goers out there... yourdoodlevi 10. Can a stuffed bear enjoy a milkshake with you on a hot summer's day? Didn't think so.  jiffpom 11. That head tilt! It's utterly irresistible. Yet another trait an inanimate object lacks.  obi.doggy 12. This pup has mastered the art of cuddling. With you, or your shoe... either works. marshall_chia 13. When the pups' tongue is bigger than his ears... *squeal*!  canil_patasdemel 14. Just like teddy bears, dogs come in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you. angeea 15. However, we'd argue that this pup has more piercingly beautiful eyes than any sort of stuffed bear out there. lennythenewfoundland 16. Nor will you find markings as exquisitely unique as these! thearose_the_co 17. So? Which stuffed plush would you pick?  dog-look-like-teddy-bear-1__605 18. Large, medium, small, and x-small sizes available.  4_hime_papa 19. You can get your pups' hair done with no fear!  kokothesilverpoodle 20. Whatever crazy do's fit your fancy, go for it. Dog hair grows back. Teddy bear fur doesn't.  365anlife 21. Can a teddy bear be any cuter than this pup?! Impawsible!  earthporm   22. Just way too unBEARably cute.  lilahthechow 23. So, dog lovers out there...  secretlifeofsimba 24. Do you have puppy fever yet? Because we do!  anniecottonball 25. If anything, have you forgotten about that childhood teddy bear by now? Yeah. We thought so. 

Featured Image via Rover.Com

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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