18 Dogs Who Are Ninja Masters When It Comes To Camouflage

It was only time before people stopped matching their carpet with their furniture and started matching their carpets with their dogs. I mean, are you really that surprised?

The photo, which was posted on Reddit by roverrover23 shows a Tibetan Terrier whose fur perfectly matches the pattern of the rug. The picture has gotten more than 5,000 shares since it was uploaded on Monday and has ignited the age-old question: "Are dogs ninja masters or just really good at blending with furniture?"

To answer that question, we present to you 18 examples of stunning canine camouflage. So before you report your pooch missing and begin a countywide search, check out the photos above. Your fuzzbutt could very well be hiding in plain sight.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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