10 Dogs Who Don’t Know That Friendly Acquaintance Is Just A Friendly Statue

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 25, 2016

Dogs playing and fighting with statues is adorable. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST IS. Seeing their passionate approach to these little molds of emotionless metal brings a smile to any human being. Why? BECAUSE IT JUST DOES. Here are some examples of dogs that do not realize that, despite all efforts, statues do not come to life.

1. He Won’t Play With Me


This lonely dog just wanted to play fetch with this lonely statue. You would think mutual sadness would attract happiness. Unfortunately, after his 20 millionth attempt to give the “statue man” a stick, he realizes he was never going to get a bone.

2. What Are You Doing In My House?


This Pug clearly has marked his territory, and this statue is NOT getting the picture. She stands still and smug like she can replace him as the house pet. Yet little does she know, this dog is willing to fight for his “top dog” position, even if with a statue.


3. Wood Brawl


The stillness of this Chihuahua statue is alarming to this little pup that wants to figure out its motives. “Why are you in the woods? What is your plan, sir? Why don’t you move even after I sniff your butt? Tell me your secrets!”

4. This is my couch!


We all know what it’s like to be binge-watching television and not want anyone to disturb us, lest we have a heart attack while watching The Walking Dead — again. We all know what that hospital bill was like. Thus, this little doggy’s anger is completely understandable. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

5. Daddy?


This dog is in an emotional turmoil. He has found a lion statue that, potentially, might be his father. As he goes back and forth from the statue he asks himself, “Daddy? Why haven’t you come to any of my baseball games?”

6. Creepy Toy


This toy is driving this Doberman to question his own sanity. The statue dog only responds by eerily staring into blankness. Seeing such soulless action would drive anybody mad and make them feel like they are stuck in a dog horror movie remake of Halloween. Although in this case, Howloween. *rimshot*

7. Call For Back Up


Clearly this statue has no idea what is coming for it. These two dogs have each others’ back. NO statue is going to waltz into their house, like they own the place, without getting a nice bark in the face. I mean seriously, “Who does this statue think it is? A LIVING DOG!!”

8. Butt I Love You!


These puppies are beyond adorable and, like Kanye West, love a good booty, even if it’s made of concrete.

9. So Are We Going Out Later?


This Boxer has found the love of his life, and even though she is inanimate, he will not stop his attempt to seduce her. It is like watching a Shakespearean tragedy of forbidden love. Dog loves statue, but statue cannot love back. His determination is beautiful as he swears upon daylight, ” You WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH ME, STATUE DOG! YOU WILL!”

10. Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Can't We All Just Get Along?

This dog has made a friend in this cat statue. Despite years of violent rivalry that could rival West Side Story, this dog and this cat will not allow their companionship to be threatened. LONG LIVE CATDOG!!!!!! (The friendship and the cartoon!)

Featured image via ChristianPost


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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 25, 2016

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