What Makes Dogs Lose Their Minds After A Bath?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 17, 2015

My pup Remix is no stranger to the bathtub and getting him into the tub usually ends up being a game of chase. However, I’m quite happy to report that I’m always the victor and for Remix, a nice warm bath is always the result. Like most pups out there, a case of the “zoomies” also occurs post-bath or if it’s not the puppy zooms, it’s the deep desire to rub himself all over the carpet, the bedsheets or the couch. I’m sure you can relate.

Barkpost - RemixTheDog

So why does this craziness happen? The exact answer remains a mystery, but I have scoured the internet and found some theories that might be able to answer this question.

1. Towel Down

This is my theory, and it’s an obvious one, that they’re just trying to dry off. Being wet can’t be the most comfortable feeling. So running out the bathroom door and rubbing their body all over the carpet is just a wacky way of drying their fur. After all, who needs a towel when there are bed sheets and couches that do the same thing.

2. That Fresh Funk

According to PuppyLeaks, your pup might be trying to get their own scent back. While we may enjoy the vanilla almond scent of our dog’s shampoo, the truth is, our pups just want to smell like dog. All that rolling in fresh grass and frolicking in dirt mixed with that wet dog smell is the Eau de Dog that they prefer over vanilla almond.

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Petful suggests that your pup might be celebrating their post-bath freedom. I think I could get onboard with this theory. Remix hates baths so getting out of the bathroom is probably a huge relief that bath time is finally over. I’d celebrate too if I were him.

BarkPost - duke.and.duchesspearl

4. “Wow. What a great bath. Thanks. No really.”

Daily Puppy‘s theory is that not all dogs are stressed from baths so all that running around might just be a sign of happiness. Some dogs like running and playing when they’re wet and others might not.

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5. Science! Kind of…

This last little tid bit is from My Smart Puppy. While science may not have figured this zoomies stuff out yet, they’ve at least given it a technical name to properly identify it. Experts use the term F.R.A.P., or “frapping,” which stands for Frenetic Random Activity Periods. So all the play bows, barking and unruly behaviour that is exhibited can be used under this acronym! They suggest organizing a good walk or play session before FRAPS happen can help short circuit those charming energy bursts.

These are just a few theories of why our pup’s go crazy after a bath. If you have any theories to add, be sure to let us know! 😀

Featured image via @romeopugboy

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

August 17, 2015

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