13 Dogs Who Are Actually Just Humans

Reviewed by Laura Hartle

March 27, 2014

There’s nothing funnier than a picture of a pup sitting on a couch, hooman style, with a bottle of beer, some popcorn and a remote control. It exemplifies what we’d all like to be doing on a lazy weekend.

If you can’t get enough of these photos, there’s a hashtag for that.

Instagram darlings @thefugee put out a call out to the pups of the interwebz to give their best impression of their crazy hooman’s antics using #PetsDoingPeopleThings. The results are pretty hilarious… no wonder dogs look at us like we’re crazy mutherpuppers!

1. “Editing mah profile pic for peeHarmony. Which filter makes me look younger? Like, we’re talking 3, 4-years-old, tops.”


2. “Jokerz are wild and so is mah style, son!”


3. “On mah way to a puptography exhibit about bones. Come if ya want, but it’s pretty underground stuff. I don’t think you’ll dig it.”


4. “Wow. Very bass. Such dubstep.”


5. “Dunno why everyone thinks diz is so hard. Poopin’ in shoes without gettin’ caught… now that’s hard.”


6. “Um, I read diz fur the articles.”



7. Ya’ll don’t even wanna tangle wiv da OG of pups as people: @thefugee!


8. “I’s sorry, do you have tickets to da gun show, mamz? Shut the door! I’m working on mah fitness!”


9. “Gotta get the floor nice and pawlished so’s I can slide across it in a confused manner when the doorbell rings, y’know?”


10. “Admit it… dapper doesn’t even begin to cover what’s goin’ on here, gurl.”


11. “Does it LOOK like I’m still on hold to you?”


12. “Why are you talking words at meh when I’s holdin’ unfinished cup of coffee? Do you haz a death wish?!”


13. “I just wanna eat mah steak and drink mah beer in peace. Can I do that, Diane?”


Reviewed by Laura Hartle

March 27, 2014