These Dogs In Easter Costumes Are Smiling On The Outside But Screaming On The Inside

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 23, 2016

Easter Sunday is just a few days away. For us humans, it’s a perfect opportunity to dress up our pups in festive holiday gear and post adorable pics. For dogs, it’s yet another difficult day filled with confusion, itchy costumes, and standing veryveryvery still for photos. Here’s what these good sports are thinking:

1. “This is the 27th picture you’ve taken. What are we doing here?”

easter 1

2. “Huh. Turns out the 15 minute hypnotizing belly scratch was not worth this.” 


3. “Well, you just made more work for yourself because guess who needs a bath now? Yeah. Me, obviously.” 


4. “You told me these were chicken treats, not chicken eggs! Do you take me for a fool?!” 


5. “I swear, if this doesn’t lead to an all-you-can-eat treat buffet I’m definitely going to poop in the house later.” 


6. “Human. Sweater weather is over. You’re embarrassing both of us.”


7. “But…why?”


8. “AGAH!*@&^$NDAF%**WJREWJFIOJPA#@!#!!”


9. “Very well. I shall indulge you, human. But my revenge will come swiftly and suddenly.”


10. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just…please don’t put this on the Internet.”


Featured image via @bigfluffydogrescue/Instagram

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

March 23, 2016