16 Dogs So Cozy In Their Fur, It’ll Make You Wish You Were This Hairy

The heart of winter is here, and us hoomans are busy bundling up with puffy jackets and mittens to survive the cold. Meanwhile, these lucky dogs are making us jealous with their soft and fluffy coats. 1. D'aww, just look at that little face, buried inside that luxurious fluff.  marcel.lecorgi 2. Cold? Too bad you don't have these golden locks of fur to keep you warm.  valglidden 3. These blankets are just for show. This guy is cuddly enough without them. reagandoodle 4. This pup has the ultimate cold-weather technology packed right in: the black coloring attracts heat, and the voluminous hair retains the warmth.  annatorill 5. Snow hair, don't care. artsimpatiya 6. Jealous of this Samoyed's toasty coat?  samoyedpuck 7. This fluff is most certainly on fleek.  emwng 8. Being windproof is key. Whether this pup is walking or flying, he'll remain snug regardless.  pukathedog 9. Cold is nothing compared to this pup's woolly outer layer. ps.ny 10. A warm fluffy pup is a happy pup.  maruhusky 11. Worried about blanket stealers? Fear not, as this pup's coat keeps him so warm, that won't even be a problem. Snuggle away!  sailordoodle 12. Snow day, erryday.  anniecottonball   13. "Brrrr"? What is that? Some sort of human bark? srianne 14. Such joy exuded by this fluffiest and toastiest of pups!  flintthepomeranian 15. These dogs could cuddle to share warmth if they needed to, but they don't.  kovu_and_kiara 16. We're pretty sure this guy is 5% dog and 95% snuggly warm fluff.  moemiyuryu 

Featured image via @mynameisvolt

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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