Artist Creates Hilarious Paper Cut-Out Scenes With His Dogs Just For Poops And Giggles

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 21, 2016

Collage artist Jay Riggio has seamlessly intertwined his day job with his time off, creating a hilarious series of collages featuring his Boston Terrier Rosie and his girlfriend’s Beagle Mix, Butters.


According to Riggio, the idea to incorporate his dogs into his collages first came to him one day while he was working and Rosie was sitting by his side, as he said she loves to do.

“One day I cut out a pair of sunglasses. I lifted the pair of shades to Rosie’s face and immediately she was wearing them,” Riggio said. “From there, I began adding her into all kinds of scenes to make myself laugh.”


Of course, being that the subjects of his art are two dogs, it isn’t always as easy as it looks to get the perfect shot. Riggio joked that it sometimes takes as many as 20 shots just to get them to look in the right direction, but with the right treat or belly rub, any shot is possible.

Rosie is easier to shoot because she’ll sit and hang out if there are treats involved. Butters is a bit more difficult. Sometimes my girlfriend will hold her in place. Butters loves to be put on her back, so other times I’ll rub her belly and hold her in place with my knees while I get the shot.

As far as the artistic process goes, the Brooklyn-based artist said that he will usually see an image in a magazine and be inspired to incorporate one of his dogs into it. “Most of the time [the process] involves flipping through books and finding a body image that will look ridiculous with their adorable heads peeking out.”


Jay Riggio and Rosie

To view more of Riggio, Rosie, and Butters’ art, you can visit Riggio’s Tumblr page and Instagram, where he is constantly uploading new and puptastic collages.

Featured image via Jay Riggio

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 21, 2016