17 Dogs Trying Hard To Keep You From Workin’

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 19, 2016

Simply put, dogs are fun, goofy, rays of sunshine sent from heaven to be all cute and hang out with us and be our friends and stuff. Work, on the other hand, is…? Well, work is pretty much a means to an end so you can bring the bacon home to your dog. We all agree that working isn’t nearly as fun as chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool with your little fur-bucket all day, errrrryday, right?

And unless you work somewhere like BarkPost, most jobs do not allow pooches on the premises.

zoe at work 2

But for those who aren’t used to having a pooch hanging around when they’ve got a job to do, it can be a very big distraction. Just look at these guys:

1.”You’re not going to work today. You can’t go to work if you can’t drive there. And you can’t drive there if you can’t close your car door. And you can’t close your car door cuz nope. No. Sorry.”

go to work


2. “Mom, I see you are trying to do some “business” on Facebook… But like, c’mon. Look at me. LOOK. AT. ME.”

interrupting my grind


3. “How about instead of tippity typing away, you put your time to better use and count the wrinkles in my face?!”

computer dog lap 1


4. “Reading these scholarly articles seems exhausting. Is it exhausting? Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted. Let’s go cuddle.”

head on keyboard


5. “For every fifty words you type you gotta give me fifty pats AND fifty milkbones. IDK it seems fair to me…”

keyboard dog


6. “If I can’t beat ’em, I guess I can join ’em by being your lap desk. Love you.”

computer lap dog 2


7. “OK, OK, OK. If you’re gonna waste your time on math problems, I’ve got a good one for you. What does 1 dog + 1 human doing math problems equal? A sad doggo. PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE.”

no more math stuff


8. “Instead of doing all this research for your paper on Napoleon, how about you just Wikipedia that $hiz and then we go to the park?”

search the web


9. “In order to effectively protest your work schedule, we’re executing a sit in. NO MORE WORK. NO MORE WORK. Chant it with us. NO MORE WORK.”

keyboard dogs 3


10. “Hey dad? I know you’re at work and everything, and I’m too big to be a lap dog… But what if I was a lap dog? Think about it.”

office dog


11. “Now I’m gonna take a nap on your H, J, N, M, K, Y, U, I, and O keys, and while this might hinder you from getting your report in on time… Do. Not. Move. Me.”

keyboard dog 2



interrupting your taxes


13. “I can turn the pages for you while you read, and by ‘turn the pages’ I mean sit on this book and throw ya some sexy looks.”

hitting the books


14. “Maybe your teacher won’t accept ‘my dog ate my homework’ as an excuse, but have you tried ‘my dog fell asleep on my homework making it impossible for me to complete it’? She might be a little more understanding.”



15. “If it’s between me and your computer, I win. I’m literally SO much bigger than your computer. I’m non-violent, but I ain’t above squashin’ this laptop in pursuit of those sweet, sweet bellyrubs.”

keyboard dog 4


16. “Do you really need both of your hands for that? Cuz if not, I mean — and this is just a suggestion… But if not? Could I possibly get a pat and a ‘good girl!’?”

autobody work


17. “UGH MOM, THIS EXCEL SPREADSHEET IS TAKING YOU FOREVER. Move over. Scootch. It’ll go so much faster if you just let me do it.”

let me just do it for you

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 19, 2016

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