Neglected And Beaten, These Dogs Looked Like Rags Until Rescuers Changed Their Lives

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 1, 2015

Earlier this year, Matt Southcott saw a pile of rags on the side of the road. He almost walked by them, but then, the rags moved. They weren’t rags at all. They were severely neglected and abandoned Poodles, a mama Poodle and her eight one-year-old puppies.

Matt immediately contacted rescuers at the RSPCA to help them.

matted poodles 2

A Poodle’s hair easily gets matted and tangled if it gets too long and isn’t groomed regularly, but this level of matting is a sign of serious neglect. Their fur was also caked in mud and dirt. The dogs could barely stand up because their fur was so heavy.

It took three hours for rescuers to shave the hair off of each Poodle. Rescuers filled three large sacks with the filthy fur.

matted poodles 3

Sian, the mama Poodle, weighed only 25 pounds, which is half of what she should weigh. Rescuers say that all of the dogs were terrified of being touched. They believe that someone not only neglected these dogs, but that the previous owner beat them, as well.

Sian was so terrified during grooming that she had to be sedated.

matted poodle sian

But now she is starting to learn that there are humans who will love and cherish her.

Her puppies are also learning to trust humans.

matted poodle fay

We are so grateful that Matt didn’t ignore these dogs, who so desperately need his help, and so thankful for the amazing rescuers who gave these sweet pups the care they desperately needed. They’ll never live a life full of cruelty and neglect again.

Feature image and h/t One Green Planet.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

November 1, 2015