15 Dogs Who Got Themselves In Trouble When Their Human Wasn’t Looking

Written by: Jared Evan

July 27, 2016

Dogs are just like children. And just like children, dogs are persistent attention-seekers. If you don’t keep an eye on them, they may end up in strange predicaments. And you only have to turn your back on them for a minute! Below, 15 sneaky pooches.

1. This cute dog was left with her owner’s boyfriend. It was his job to watch the dog, albeit, while he played Xbox. Next thing you know, she comes home to find them like this.

dog found_1


2. After dropping her dog off at the kennel, this adorable guy’s owner found her walking along the tops of the cages. How she got up there, nobody knows.

dog found_2


3. When her owners brought home a new bed, they decided to let her try it out. When they came back to see if she liked it, they found her trying to eat her way through it!

dog found_3


4. One precocious Beagle kept hiding under the sofa, so the family had to turn the chair on its side to stop her from doing it. Not long after, they found her like this.

dog fonud_4


5. She was just sleeping on the couch. When her owners came back, they found her like this.

dog found_5


6. This beautiful Golden Retriever was sitting at the family table trying to sneak some food. After dinner was over, they found her sleeping on the floor with her mouth on the chair.

dog found_6


7. This sleepy guy didn’t come home last night and his family later found him like this. Remember, liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.

dog found_7


8. When his family walked into the guest room, they found their dog like this. He appeared to be planning something nefarious.

dog found_8


9. After snooping around the kitchen, it got very quiet in there for a while. When his family went to check up on him, they found him near the garbage like this.

dog found_9


10. This eager guy was found like this after running off from his owner in the park. Hopefully he got what he was digging for.

dog found_10

11. After hearing that he was going to get a bath, his owners eventually found him tucked behind the toilet like this. He figured he would hide in the last place they would look.

dog found_11

12. When this adorable pup was left near a pile of clothes, his owner later found him like this. Sadly, the sweater wasn’t his size.

dog found_12

13. Border Collies are very curious dogs. So when this Border Collie was left alone, he decided to play a one-man game of hide and seek and was later found stuck in the bushes.

dog found_13


14. This Fox Terrier was just sitting on the couch minding his own business. When his owner came back in the living room, he found his little guy like this.

dog found_14

15. When this adorable Westie was outside playing, he decided to do some exploring. Unfortunately, his owners later found him with his head stuck in the fence.

dog found_15

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Written by: Jared Evan

July 27, 2016

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