15 Dogs Proudly Take It All Off In Celebration Of National Nude Day

Did you know that today, July 14, 2015 is National Nude Day?! If you're reading this naked, we'll take that as a YES! People celebrate this day every year as a way to cool down in the dog days of summer (see what I did there?!). But this holiday is not just for humans, so go ahead and rip those collars off because it's time to go au natural like these 15 uninhibited hounds. 1. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" #SkinnyDipping leashyourself-nudeday 2. When you wear sunglasses at a nude beach, no one knows when you stare for too long. apollo 3. "Can I ride?" #LadyGodiva #ButWithABike camilleon85-nudeday 4. "Don't be shy! Today is for everyone, in all shapes and sizes!" henryandpenny-nudeday [bp_related_article] 5. "It's like a day just for me!" sandrine_decor-nudeday 6. "C'mon, Ma. Take off muh collar. I want to feel the cool grass on muh body." maxthecorgs-nudeday 7. "Skinny dipping is so much harder than I thought!" pugsbro 8. "I stand here before you... shameless." FullSizeRender 2 9. "It's the perfect day to play with your balls." rockylovesbananas-nudeday 10. "Yeah I'm naked. But I'm imagining everyone else in their underwear!" innatheiggy-nudeday 11. "Meditating is much more relaxing without those pesky clothes..." spyro_dog-nudeday 12. Hey, pup! We eat off that thing! betty_sosspot-nudeday 13. "I'm trying real hard to be nude." #ButTheresTooMuchFur bugskar-nudeday 14. Don't celebrate National Nude Day alone! mallie_vizsla-nudeday 15. "I'm headed to campus to streak through the square! Come on!" thenuttydoodle

Featured image via Wally The Welsh Corgi

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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