16 Times Dogs Were More Romantic Than Our Boyfriends

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 12, 2016

Guy love comes and goes, but puppy love is forever. Have you ever opened a gift from your honey on Valentine’s Day only to find a pair of socks? Maybe some hair ties? Sure it’s practical, but where is the romance? These 14 dogs know how to keep the flame alive, blowing any silly ribbon-wrapped pajama pant out of the water. Who needs a man when you’ve got your loyal fluff ball by your side!

1. They will never say ‘No’ to being the little spoon.


2. Always ready to take you out and sweep you off your feet.


3. Some guys kiss the ground you walk on, but dogs…well…let’s just say, they’ll do anything for you.


4. This Corg, who wants nothing more than to look into your eyes for the rest of your life.


5. This guy, who makes a better romantic date than anyone sitting behind you.

The couple behind me are on a date and I’m just here having dinner with my dog

6. This pup who let you fall asleep in his arms after a romantic Bachelor marathon.


7. This Chihuahua with bedroom eyes who set the table for your romantic dinner.


8. This dog, who brought you ‘Just Because’ flowers…and didn’t ask for anything in return.


9. This gentleman who wants nothing more but to watch the sunset next to you until the end of time.


10. He may not wait for you to start eating, but you know he appreciates your cooking.

Valentines Day with Salvador

11. This pup is waiting to make sure you’re not rushing into anything before he offers you your first kiss.


12. Mr Grey will see you now.


13. This guy, who is ready to skip the lobster dinner to get right to the action.


14. You’ll always know this ruffian is committed since he learned how to use the computer and count money to have fresh flowers delivered to you. 

15. He knows you so well, he took you on a simple date consisting of holding hands and reading a book together at sunset on the beach. 


16. And finally, this romantic, who will never judge you for pouring more wine for yourself.


Featured image via @tryagainmary

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 12, 2016