You’re More Excited To See Your Dog Than Your In-Laws, According To Study

Reviewed by Benjamin Moore

April 14, 2015

Experts love to tell dog lovers things they already know about dogs, like: yes, your dog is an excellent judge of character, and they do miss you when you’re gone.

A recent British poll confirmed what everyone reading this already knows: dogs are an integral part of the family unit. But more importantly, it confirmed that people – at least in Britain – consider dogs to be even more important than their HUMAN parents-in-law.

The poll was commissioned by Matalan (a British fashion/homeware retailer) for their Made for Modern Families marketing campaign. Whereas 21% of those polled picked their in-laws as “close family members,” 22% picked their canine companions. I know what you’re thinking – 22%? That’s it?

Monster-in-Law Sequel with Dogs

According to Mark Earls, a behavior expert working with Matalan:

“Pets really add to the richness of the modern family and are considered just as important as close relatives and friends. Dogs are more like us than many other pets – they’re social creatures who appreciate being part of a family and those who look after them.”

In-laws can be great, of course – mine certainly are (shout-out to Linda S. and Marty B.) – but the only shocking thing about this poll is that dogs only edged them out by a single percentage point. Either sitcoms (Everybody Loves Raymond) and movies (Monster-in-Law) have been lying to us for years about disdain for mothers and fathers-in-law or there’s some sort of in-law conspiracy going on here.


Frankly, I have a feeling that if the readers of the BarkPost had been polled on this subject, the results would’ve been very different indeed. 22%? Not likely.

As for me, my family ranking goes a little something like this – a three-way tie for the top spot between my parents, my significant other, and my dogs, followed by literally everybody else. Sorry, extended family – you’re just not nearly as adorable.

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Reviewed by Benjamin Moore

April 14, 2015