15 Dogs Who Are Proud They Said No To Braces

There's this obsession with perfect teeth we humans have that other animals don't. Hey, as long as they're good enough for eating noms, they couldn't care any less about the state of their pearly whites. Here are 15 dogs with jacked up grills who will NOT be getting their teefs fixed, thank you very much. 1. "I don't see what the problem is. They don't call me 'Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl' for nothing."

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2. "But it's my signature look." underbite_pup 3. "Exthcuthe me? How rude. My teefth are perfect juth like thith." boxer_underbite 4. "The last time you took me to a 'special human' I lost my balls. So no. Nice try, though." underbite_dog 5. "Where's the logic in spending money on new teeth if everyone I meet goes straight for the butt sniff?" underbite_doggy_eyes 6. Every time an Invisalign commercial comes on. tuna_melts_my_heart_teeth 7. "My teeth make me look tough even in my sleep. No other dog dares pee after me at the park. Why would I change that?" teefs_dog 8. "If you really feel so strongly about my teeth, drop that slice of pizza. I'll show you how well these chompers work." pup_teeth_crooked 9. "Ca--can I have a nibble of your delicious cake?" biscuit_baking 10. "This is my happy face. Ever seen a smile before, punk?" gizmo_moka_teeth 11. "Don't worry, Lambchop. They took my balls, but they won't take my underbite." 10914410_756148831138070_968909357_n 12. "Booty had me like..." underbite_boston 13. When the table next to yours gets served and you start having second thoughts about what you ordered. coconut_underbite_pup 14. "FOR DOG'S SAKE, I'M NOT GETTING BRACES!" koda_puggle_teeth 15. "Yeah, hi. I'm just calling to cancel that appointment for a braces fitting. Yes, I'll hold." doggy_phone_teeth
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Nicole Zalat

7 years ago