Here’s How To Break Your Kid’s Addiction To Their Phone

Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

August 25, 2015

Recently, I was sitting outside of a coffeeshop with my Chihuahua. A mom with a little boy was so excited to show her to her son. “Look, a doggie! You love doggies!” I was happy to let them meet, but the kid was completely absorbed in his iPhone game, and didn’t even look up. What the pup???


Now, I’m addicted to my iPawd as much as the next human, but this concerned me. Dogs Trust, (The largest dog welfare charity in the UK, founded in 1891!) has launched a campaign to help families adopt a dog and make the most of their summer. An addiction to technology results in less family bonding and an impact on the physical health of children. A survey conducted by Dogs Trust found that 42% of families with dogs get more exercise. Parents surveyed overwhelmingly agreed that growing up with a dog was a positive influence on their childhood.

kids and dogs

To help improve children’s quality of life, Dogs Trust created a funny video to show what life is like when gadgets are prioritized over pups.

Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Adrian Burder, said:

“The summer holidays are a fantastic time to introduce a new dog to your family because the kids are around to enjoy those special first months together. It’s time to put down the iPad and walk away from the Xbox and… get a dog. Dogs Trust has 20 Rehoming Centres across the UK, full of rescue dogs ready and waiting to start making memories with you and your family.”

To get involved, share your photos on social media (I know, I know.) with the hashtag #GetADog, and find out more about getting involved at Dogs Trust‘s website.

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Featured image via Dogs Trust

Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

August 25, 2015