21 Dogs Celebrating Easter Their Way

Reviewed by Emily Wang

April 20, 2014

They say Easter is the holiday of the bunnies, but this year, let’s take a look at what some Instagram pups have to say! Because every pup can be an easter dog.

1. Barry Zito says, “These ears fit right in, don’t they? May I have a Peep now?”

2. Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg your joke? It might crack up! But, Gracie the labrador thinks that these bunny ears are no laughing matter.

3. Linus the corgi has got an Easter joke for you: “What is a dog’s favorite Easter treat? Jelly bones!”

4. Desmond the golden retreiever says, “I was told Easter was about eating Easter eggs and chasing bunnies… I am NOT down with this kinda humiliation!”

5. Kokoro the American Eskimo says, “Nothing says Easter is here like an Easter duckling to the face!”

6. Yogurt the Husky says, “Seriously though, I really don’t think I need second pair of pink ears for Easter…”

7. Chico asks, “How is the Chihuahua-Bunny like Michael Jordan? We’re both famous for stuffing baskets!”

8. Chompers the corgi says, “Mom always said not to put all your eggs in one basket, but she never said anything about what would happen if you left the eggs in the basket too long…”

9. Pino the poodle says, “If you don some big bunny ears like these, you’ll never fail to hear the word ‘TREAT’!”

10. @bordernerd‘s wise Jazzy and Coop have some advice for you: “The way to catch an Easter bunny is to hide in a bush and make a noise like a carrot.”

11. Cookie from @pumpkin_and_sunshine says, “Yes! The Easter bunny also loves vegan pancakes, and not only chocolate eggs!”

12. Geordi la Corgi celebrates this Easter chillin’ like a villain in the Easter egg ball pit.

13. Chompers the corgi says, “Easter tryouts are no joke. I fluffed my butt in serious preparation for the role of the Easter Bunny.”

14. Lexi asks Archie, “Why did the Easter egg hide? Cause he was a little chicken!”

15. Miss Molly says, “Look what the Easter bunny left on the porch! Who said wreaths are just for Christmas!?”

16. Casper says, “If I fold my ears down like this, then the bunny ears look real, right?”

17. Sophie says, “Even a simple field of weeds can become magical: The “Easter Bunny” ran through the field and up went dandelion seedlings to create a whimsical scene.”

18. Cami the sheltie says, “Some bunny has been eating my Easter eggs…”

19. Sunni has a joke for y’all: “How does the Easter bunny stay fit? Through Egg-stercise!”

20. Chance the Aussie says, “The best way to keep your Easter bunny nice and soft is not a hare brush, but with the gentle stroke of a paw.”

21. Wally the Pembroke Welsh corgi has one last opinion this Easter, “Curse you, humans.”

On a more serious note: please be very careful about keeping your pups away from chocolate eggs and chocolate products this Easter holiday! Happy Easter, everybunny!

Reviewed by Emily Wang

April 20, 2014