17 Dogs Who Absolutely Can’t Deal With This Call Right Now

Our pups love to howl and run and play and eat and snuggle. You know what they don't like to do? Get bad news on the phone. Here's 17 dogs who are getting a call today that they just can't deal with right now. 1. "It's a whole litter! 7 boys and 6 girls. Congrats buddy!!" dog16 2. "Sorry, we're out of beef rib. Would you like to order the celery instead?" dog20 3. "We did everything we could for Puffy Pig, but we lost him. There was just too much missing stuffing." dog15 4. "Hi, it's me, your Aunt Bitzy! Why don't you ever call??" dog08 5. "Thank you for calling the Good Boy hotline. To find out who's a Good Boy, please press 1… All our operators are currently busy. Please stay on the line… (I… had… the time of my liiiiife… oh I never felt like this before…) All our operators are currently busy. Please stay on the line." dog04 6. "The authorities have traced the poop to you. You're facing 15-20 minutes in time out." dog17 7. "Hey it's Sam- think I'm gonna be working late again. There's kibble in the cabinets for ya." dog11 8. "The test results are in. It's… fleas." dog21 9. "Your pup has been kicked out of obedience school, please come by and pick him up." dog19 10. "I'm so sorry. We haven't been able to find the ball." dog02 11. "It's over, Brad." dog09 12. "Somebody just peed on your tree, man- YOUR tree." dog12 13. "We're Sorry, Your Collect Call Has Been Declined. "555-BACON" Can Not Be Located." dog07 14. (*text*) "HEY U UP? I'M KINDA DRRRRRRUNK DYOU WANNA SNIFF BUTTS? THIS IS TED FROM WORK" dog10 15. "Just saw your boy humping another girl at the dog park…" dog18 16. "Boss wants to see you ASAP. Your defartment has been eating up way too much paperwork." dog14 17. "Thanks for skyping in! Does this rash look okay?" dog22

Featured image via @DPerdedaj

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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