19 Dogs Who Clearly Partied Too Hard

As with any long weekend, there are bound to be some pups (and, ahem, people) who party too hard this Memorial Day. As long as you don't lose sight of the true meaning of the day -- honoring the men, women, and pups who have sacrificed their blood, sweat, tears and, in the worst cases, even their lives for our country -- there's nothing wrong with tossing a few back. Just try not to end up like any of these party animals. #NoRegrets 1. "They shut down the outside pool, so now all I have is this one." 1-life_as_lila 2. "'Play in the sprinkler,' they said. 'It'll be fun,' they said." 2-pawsandpaint 3. "Hey, did we bring any beach snacks?" 3-corgianddachshund2 4. "Teehee...make it swing again!" 4-loki_the_wolfdog 5. "Come on in, the water's perfect!" 5-cookie_cute 6. Doesn't get more relaxing than this! 6-fox_red_monty 7. You know you're having fun when everything is a toy. :) 7-roccotheblacklab 8. Summertime bbqs are the best! 8-franky.dood 9. "Get the Chuckit, I'm ready for round 2 of the doggie park!" 9-samthebully 10. "We on a boat!" 10-mypalo 11. "I sure could use a Frosty Paws right about now." 11-meanwhileinlongfield 12. "What's so darn funny?" 12-drewbertcorgi 13. "I had too much fun in the sun." 13-thedappernapper2 14. "Could I have some cookies too?" 14-neptunethedoodle 15. "Lolz, mud is fun." 15-goldendog_castle 16. "I've been working on this trick all summer!" 17-tuff_sausage 17. "Well we don't have to go to sleep early because we're on summer vacation!" 18-88kncorbett 18. "Yes, I peed in the pool once or twice this summer. Don't judge." 19-minkabean 19. "Are we there yet?" 11950701_698341370299511_1674680868_n Did your pup have an amazing summer? Share your favorite pictures and videos with us on BarkFeed!
Featured image via @weimstagram

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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