13 Attention-Seeking Dogs Who Sabotaged Your Photo On Purpose

These dogs decided to steal the show, and it's hilarious. 1. "Did someone say cheese?" Image via @deathbecomesme 2. "WE'RE GOING TO THE DOG BARK!" Image via @emiccheer 3. "You almost forgot me, ma." Image via @finniganthewolfhound 4. "Every step you take... Every meow you make..." Image via @brock.phillips 5. "What?! But you think it's cute when the tiny hooman pees." Image via @cami0azfeld 6. "NBD. Just hanging with my girl fur-iends." Image via @lauraos2000 7. "Look, I'm a hooman! I can't wait to show Frankie." Image via @bankstownvet 8. "Can you not see my empty bowl?" Image via @jmathis011 9. "Dis mah ride." Image via @judeel75 10. "Think twice next time you steal my bone." Image via @roccothesassybostonterrier 11. "Don't notice the chewed up doll. Please don't notice." Image via @patrick_shmatrick 12. "Can't wait to get my paws on those fishies." Image via @hears2bigjohnny 13. "Crow pose? You mean dog pose, amirite?" Image via @elizabethklinkhammer

Featured image via @sarahrorvig

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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