Overly Confident Frenchie Puppy Thinks He Can Take This Golden Retriever In A Tug-Of-War Match

As kids, without being able to drive a car or do other adult things, our options for a fun Sunday were pretty limited. We could either play hide-and-seek, or cause enough mischief that we finally got in trouble and had a punishment that would occupy us for the rest of the day. Dogs on the other hand have even less options to entertain themselves with on a slow day. In this video, two dogs vigorously (and adorably) engage in a tense game of tug-of-war. As much fun as they seem to be having, we can't help feeling like they wish they had more fun things to do with their time. Tug-of-war is really basic and is only fun for about negative two minutes. After that short time, we have to figure that these pups probably just conceded defeat to their boredom and laid down for a long nap. If only they had opposable thumbs, then they could have had a lot more fun playing Halo all day... [bp_related_article]

h/t AFV

Adam Samuel

6 years ago

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