Three Dogs Protected This Fawn For Hours After She Died In A Wildfire

Day after day I hear incredible stories of dogs doing amazing things. Yet, some things still surprise me. This story is one of them. A Sheepdog and her two puppies stood vigil for an entire day over a fawn, who'd succumbed to a wildfire that ravaged Kamiah, Idaho. The fire destroyed 42 homes in the area. dogs protect fawn The dogs' human neighbor, Louis Armstrong, took the photo in the morning. He came back several times to check on the dogs and the deer. He believes the dogs were there to keep predators away from the animal. [bp_related_article] Perhaps this fawn and these pups were friends before the fire and this was their way of honoring their bond. Whatever the reason, these three dogs showed their protective and compassionate nature by keeping the remains of this small deer safe.
h/t The Guardian.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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