Dogs Hilariously Reacting to Levitating Wieners

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 11, 2014

How would you react to floating food? Would you reach out to try and grab it? Maybe look around for cameras, convinced you’re the unknowing star of a TV prank show?

Magician Jose Ahonen, who many of us might remember from his viral Magic for Dogs videos (watch here and here), has posted a clip of dogs reacting to a hot dog suspended in air. The results, while maybe not a surprise to dog lovers, are hilarious and as varied as doggy personalities.

There’s Keijo, who deduced through puppy logic that, surely, the hot dog must come from the place all other treats do:


Ilona, who practically followed that hot dog as a new follower would a cult leader:


And my favorite, Tico, who let us all know that ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!


Click below to watch how the other pups react!

Written by: Nicole Zalat

August 11, 2014